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Ri Laser
 Mom's Sunday Breakfast                                                        

     My imagination is - as you can see by the picture – afire.  Reading books is one cause for this catalytic chain reaction - the other cause is writing them.  My stories are, in this way, a little dangerous, because the writing process often leads to bioelectric hat ignition. Try some reading on your own, and you will see what I mean.  Historically, in the thrall of a great book, many brilliant brains and famous hats have spontaneously combusted. If you take the risk with me, you'll understand why it is so difficult to resist the thrill of an adventure to another world.   

     You may have observed on your own how well reading goes with fire - a fireplace, a lantern, a candle, a sunny day, or a full moon, because they are all essentially the same thing, except one kind of fire, reading, is within, and the other kind is without.  This book grew from a cold, faint ember in a forgotten fireplace within.

     As the ember turned to flame, I could see scenes of my mother cooking on magma, grinding beetles into pancake flour, wanting to reap the joy of feeding her family, and finally, bringing them together.  That kind of joy carried her through all of her life’s vicissitudes.

       Long ago, in another world, Mr. Laser attended the Interlochen Arts Academy, UCLA, and was a graduate and member of The American Conservatory Theatre. He has won awards in Lighting Design and Playwriting.

Wendell B. Harris, Jr.

     Wendell B. Harris, Jr. is an American independent filmmaker, trained in drama at the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy, where in 1970 he and the author met and became friends. Mr. Harris went on to graduate Juilliard.

     His family founded Prismatic Images, a multi-award winning film/video/audio production facility in Flint, Michigan on 19 March, 1979. Prismatic Images released its' first feature film, CHAMELEON STREET, in 1990,

which won the Grand Jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

     His next film is YESHUA VS. FRANKENSTEIN IN 3D, a two-hour documentary devoted to the power of Media-as-social-engineer.

     Wendell has also appeared as an actor in Steven Soderbergh's OUT OF SIGHT (1998) and Todd Phillip's ROAD TRIP (2000) while touring as a guest speaker at college and university campuses nationwide.

Planet Cinder Theme - Instrumental

What is Wonderstrands?

     Where the abundant forests grow to the cliff's edge along the northeast coast of Canada, just north of the vanishing fishing village, Puffin's Nest, (or, Cartwright, when it appears in your world,) on the shoreline of the Labrador Sea, there is an inexplicable geologic anomaly.  
     Two expanses of white strands, which, when viewed from space facing east, look like two closed eyes of unequal size.  The smaller eye is 34 kilometers in length, and the bigger eye, 67 kilometers long.  For millennia, folks from many lands, and many worlds, have known these wondrous eyes of sand as – 
The Wonderstrands.
     Ancient legend says an intention strong enough to synchronize with the solar winds, can make these eyes open, and convey one to another world.  

     I came into being on a winter’s night, when the solar winds burst into northern lights over Wonderstrands.  Strands of intention, met strands of light, wove together and stranded me upon these alabaster strands.  The intentions of fire and magnetism formed me - just another ionized subatomic particle.  I heard my name being thought, and repeated it as my first thought –  as every good particle must do to come into existence, an existence proving that small thoughts can grow into an ever-expanding universe of ideas.

    When my intention finds direction, the expression on the shores of the Wonderstrands is to be transported by these inter-dimensional particles, then I find myself experiencing new worlds.  
The first story I bring you is from the first world I visited, Planet Cinder.  A desolate place, where creature emotions become planetary motions in Mom’s Sunday Breakfast. 
     Wonderstrands World Books begins with a story about one family, and will continue to grow slowly, presenting one story at a time of unique worlds.  Look forward next to a world I visited that exists in a cupboard.
     Look forward to an epic trilogy under the title WONDERSTRANDS.

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