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     Fresh lava, Mom knows, is the very best way to cook her beetle batter pancake breakfast, but it will all go to waste if Mom and the kitchen boil over when her boys disobey her.


     Wendell B. Harris, Jr. boldly brings all the characters to life with a performance filled with resonance, range, eloquence, passion and comedy.

Every family member is vivid and nuanced.

     Wielding his powerful voice with laser-like skill, he sounds as if he may have eaten James Earl Jones for breakfast and Ian McKellan for lunch.  His performance of Mom's Sunday Breakfast will be appreciated by lively or attentive kids, and happy parents.  Perfect by the fireside, or on a sunny morning.  You really enjoy the story much more hearing Wendell.  He is one of the great narrators of our time, achieving Sundance Film Festival's Grand Jury Prize, and championed by Director Stephen Soderbergh. 

     Anger can be constructive.  Know when to take action.  Don't taunt your mother.  Contrition is good.  Family is worth everything.  Embracing all generations, the joyful message will lovingly enrich your life and family.  Own it, cherish it, and share it year after year anytime you want to bring your family together. 

     Wendell is a renowned actor, writer and director - famously recognized as a creative genius.  Wendell B. Harris, Jr. is the winner of the Sundance Film Festival's Grand Jury Prize for his cult classic "Chameleon Street".

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To see Wendell's interview on ABC's 20/20 just click the YouTube link here. 

     His highly anticipated new film, "YESHUA vs. Frankenstein in 3D"  is a  dramatized documentary about "the power of media as social engineering."




to download crazy, funny ringtones from the Soundtrack, and enjoy extended audio clips. 



     Ri has single-handedly re-invented the narrative poem discovering an utterly contemporary, classically fun, delightfully strange world that goes straight to the heart.  

     Ri Laser is the pen name of a reclusive writer heralded and Awarded by Dramalogue Magazine for his "Wit, charm and style"  - in abundance in 2,276 words of energetic verse, 36 engaging illustrations and a swiftly moving, unforgettable story of how one boy, a Griffin, family upheaval, hot lava and pancakes all stack up for a heartwarming and happy ending. 


     This Special Edition E-Book With SOUNDTRACK is now available for your instant download on Amazon and Sellfy.

The sound is masterfully recorded by one of the world's best engineers, Marshall Block, at Real II Reel Productions.  

     Your download is impeccably designed and engineered by

Erik Christopher, at Ugly Dog Digital Studios for your particular digital device. 

     The E-Book carefully synchronizes Wendell's robust performance of Ri Laser's gymnastic text, with 36 Stunning Original Illustrations by Jason Paulhamus, Kelly Barrow and Ri Laser for a surprising variety of dramatic and boldly colorful pictures. 

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