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Kick back for a roaring great 30 minute mini-legend with macro-imagination. Loaded with great verse, intriguing illustrations, truly awesome vocal delivery by the genius Wendell B. Harris, Jr., who has some of the best vocal chops you have ever heard. Sounds like he swallowed James Earl Jones for breakfast. And I'm sure James was as delicious as he was filling. Love James, right? I mean, Darth Vadar! Come on! But I digress.

The family are the sole surviors of Planet Cinder's rapid transformation from lush forests, to devestating wasteland full of strange new creatures, volcanos and hellish seas. They learn to thrive in this strange, new land, which is tuned-in to their every feeling. Family discord can trigger global destruction, for griffin's sake!

For anyone who has a diabolical side, who has ever taken a little delight in teasing and tempermentally tormenting Mom, this book is for you. It's for everyone who wants to find a reason to be a better person. The reason is to bring peace and harmony, and bring back a little of the gratitude, selflessness and good character that seems today in need of a little encouragement. Not that easy, right? Getting your act together is what this little boy, (now Gramps telling the story), gets to learn. He finally GETS it!

This is a strange anachronistic book, told in high verse, so uncommon in this century. So, give yourself a chance to let your ear get used to the language. Don't fold in the first two pages. Lean into the verse, and pay attention to Mom's instructions for cooking on magma. She's giving lessons for living.

Gramps, the narrator, (Wendell B. Harris, Jr.) relives his experience as a young idiot, and how he experienced the fires of disappointment in himself. Then, after facing the unpleasant fact that he was an idiot, he works hard to change, finally realizing for the first time to truly appreciate his role in his family.


Taking action is the message he imparts so well to his three grandchildren, gathered around him, warmed by the dragon fang fireplace. This story may light an ember in your inner fireplace. Or, it might just give your weired dreams.Whichever, please enjoy. Thank you. Ri Laser

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